I I I Spears

Spear I


Samla aims to create an awareness on various issues concerning a balanced lifestyle, day-to-day health, nutrition, environmental toxins and toxic chemicals present in our daily products.

'We are committed to enlightening & informing the youth of today on how to look good and more importantly feel good in their own skin without the use of harmful toxic chemicals.' 

Our purpose is to provide youthful minded people with a healthy holistic lifestyle programme through our '3 Spear' design; holistic food, non-toxic products and information services to carry our vision of - healthy simplified living, in a clean, green, affordable Tribal package.

Spear 1 offers a unique range of natural holistic daily skin and hair care products, developed over the last 30 years by Etrily Laitphlang, our in-house holistic therapist whose main focus is in helping individuals improve their health and lifestyle.

This unique range of natural skin and hair care products provide a safe, affordable, time saving alternative to harsh chemical based cosmetics, underlining our ‘3 spear’ vision.

Each product replaces harsh preservatives and chemicals with Nature’s best healing/preserving spices and lentils majoring in the following:

  • Saffron

  • Turmeric

  • Sandalwood

  • Gram Flour

The range combines spices and lentils with essential oils supported by holistic/ayurvedic influences.

Our mission is to clean out bathroom shelves over flooded with products in exchange for 3 safe, effective, simple, time-saving regimes to compliment a well-balanced lifestyle.


Spear II

We value the importance of food, the effect it has both internally and outwardly as well as our mindset towards nutrition. In modern day society, it can be an overwhelming ordeal when facing the bombardment of trending diets, social media fads, health magazines and blogs. Not knowing what is best for one's personal constitution.

Hippocrates the father of western medicine said 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' 

Each person is an individual, unique in every way, therefore, one size does not fit all and what may work for you may not work for me.

Lucretius - 'What is food for one man may be bitter poison to others.'

With this in mind, Samla Tribe offers private consultation in the form of fun interactive workshops, multimedia content for both corporate, students and domestic environments to enhance optimum performance, health & wellbeing whether at home, training, studying or in the workplace. 

We believe that everyone needs a tribe and ours is built on genuine care for those we connect with and the world we live in. Building and learning collectively as we continue to create a hub filled with a rich source of useful and simple knowledge to help us live a  fulfilled, happy and successful life.


Spear III 

Spear 3 is the driving force behind our movement, providing customers with a vast compendium of invaluable knowledge on holistic foods, health and well-being, through our wide range of the following services:

  • Regular multimedia content

  • A wide range of food, dance and skincare workshops

  • Informative Talks 

  • Casual Meetups 

The purpose of the Samla Tribe meet-ups is to raise awareness on various issues concerning a balanced lifestyle, day-to-day health, nutrition, environmental toxins and toxic chemicals present in our daily products and much more.