About Us


Samla was founded in 2001 by holistic health, well-being and beauty therapist Etrily Laitphlang. The term ‘Samla’ was coined by Etrily and was taken from the language of her native Khasi tribe, which simply means a young person but it also means youth. With this terminology in mind, it was meant to give any age group access to information on ancient wisdom on how to maintain the ‘Samla’ lifestyle.

The concept was initially developed as a result of a request made by a group of young mums (her former clients) who were keen to inform and educate their tween and teen children on the holistic aspects of the use of natural cosmetics and incorporating simple good habits to reap the benefits of good skin, hair, nails as well as maintaining a healthy and good looking body.
Samla continued to develop programmes for various age groups ranging from the tweens aged 9-12 years, teens aged 13-19 and the younger adult generation from 20 onwards.
Sadly, the growth of this programme was abruptly disrupted when Etrily sustained a head injury at work in 2004. Being incapacitated by the head injury interrupted the vision of spreading awareness of the ‘Samla’ vision. What drove Etrily back to the ‘Samla’ path was losing a number of friends, loved ones and some dear clients to cancer. She joined the campaign for safe cosmetics and continued research on the dangers of chemicals present in our skin care and household products. This research was able to provide us with an extensive database of information on reliable sources of safe and simple body care.

In 2014 Joshua Laitphlang, having been volunteers at a Samla seminar on ‘detoxification,’ decided to take on the personal challenge of 10 days of cleansing. Joshua, a break-dancer was enthused by the positive results, which in turn resuscitated ‘Samla’ into Samla Tribe a family business. Their young friends who witnessed their clear skin, better concentration, energy and productivity after
the 10 day cleanse wanted to try it out.



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